About Us Message from GM PDC

Message from GM PDC

At the NUST Professional Development Centre we are passionate about learning and developing and transforming organizations by developing their people and managers. Since 2007 we have touched over 13000 lives and more than 800 organizations. At PDC we are committed to providing you with an exceptional learning experience, one that can only be delivered through years of experience of conducting hundreds of workshops. We ensure the best learning experience through providing executive training venues, worlds class faculty, premium trainers having engaging content and a brilliant opportunity for networking.

Our training workshops and certifications are developed by subject matter experts in a variety of functional areas. Our training sessions reflect the same quality, rigour and world class delivery that NUST is known for.

We enable individuals to climb the career ladder. We enable organizations to reach their business goals. Allow us to facilitate you and your organization in the process of transformation for greater results.