Internal Training

NUST Professional Development Centre is mandated with the training and development of NUST employees and faculty. In this regard, PDC has conducted the following programs:

1) Faculty Training Plan: A 3-year plan, divided across 3 tiers of faculty members. Initiated in August 2018, PDC has conducted over 23 workshops and trained over 1598 faculty members. Major areas covered in the workshops are teaching skills, new trends in teaching strategies and Outcome Based Education.

2) Support Staff Training Plan: A training plan that covers all NUST employees from EBPS 16-19. The employees are exposed to a large number of training workshops and topics. Initiated in 2019, PDC has conducted over 32 workshops and trained over 1388 employees. The courses were divided into two parts: Common Courses and Specialized Courses. Under Common Courses, all employees went through a cycle of 4 topics, namely: Communication Skills, Time and Stress Management, Modern Secretarial Practices and Team Building. Under Specialized Courses, each participant was provided training workshops according to their specific needs.

3) Coursera: In 2020, NUST Professional Development Centre joined hands with Coursera for the training and development of NUST employees, faculty and students. NUST provided around 7000 licenses to the NUST family and till date over 97000 training hours have been conducted.

4) E-Learning Café: After the advent of COVID-19, NUST PDC shifted its focus towards online training workshops. In that regard, an e-learning café was launched. More than 50 online training workshops were made available on the e-learning café in a variety of areas, so that the learning journey of the NUST family does not stop.